Hiltronics Corporation

About Us

HILTRONICS has been supplying cable and cord assemblies to both government and industry since 1974.  Emphasizing process controls and quality, HILTRONICS is registered to AS9100:2015 and ISO9001:2016 and is in compliance with the latest soldering specifications.  HILTRONICS has many items listed on the applicable QPD's.

Located in Coral Springs, Florida, HILTRONICS offers quality and on-time delivery.  Manufacturing flexibility and customer responsiveness have always been our hallmark.  We are major suppliers to the U.S. NAVY and MARINE CORPS and have also supplied bulk cable under many different military specifications and commercial variants.

HILTRONICS also manufactures custom cables based on customer designs and many other variations of assemblies for both aircraft and ground equipment.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss any of the assemblies we manufacture or any particular need that might arise.